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Thirdi Group – Dairy Farmers Towers

April 16, 2024

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Thirdi Group is a leading property development and investment company based in Sydney, Australia. Established in 2003, Thirdi Group has since become known for its innovative approach to property development, incorporating cutting-edge design, technology and sustainability practices into its projects. The company prides itself on being a forward-thinking and dynamic player in the industry, with a strong focus on delivering exceptional results for its clients and investors.

Their challenge

One of Thirdi Group’s latest developments Dairy Farmers Towers is a mixed-use development in the heart of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. The development offers a range of residential apartments across two towers, commercial spaces, and retail opportunities in a highly sought-after location.  

However, with a highly competitive and dynamic off-the-plan market in Australia, it can be difficult for developers to stand out and capture the attention of potential buyers. Furthermore, Thirdi Group wanted to attract Sydney-based, due to its proximity, and interstate buyers looking to embrace Newcastle’s relaxed, beachside lifestyle without breaking the bank on marketing and sales efforts.  

Our solution

Luke Berry, the CEO of Thirdi Group, recognised the significance of cutting-edge visualisation technology in marketing the Dairy Farmers Towers development. To provide potential buyers with an immersive experience for the off-the-plan development, Thirdi Group collaborated with EnvisionVR to create Virtual Experiences of a selection of floor plan types. This resulted in the development of four distinct Virtual Apartments, each highlighting the unique features of the various designs and views. As well as an Interactive Display, which showcases the exterior of the development in its surrounds and houses all digital marketing assets for the project.

The Virtual Apartments were seamlessly incorporated into the Newcastle showroom, where sales agents could showcase the apartments to potential buyers. The agents guided the buyers through the Virtual Apartments, providing them with an in-depth understanding of the apartment layouts and features. This interactive experience allowed buyers to visualise and personalise their living spaces, thereby increasing their confidence in making an informed purchase decision.

Ben Small, a sales agent for Dairy Farmers Towers, was impressed by the success of the Virtual Apartments. According to him, the floor plan types available in VR have sold out completely, indicating the impact of this technology in effectively conveying the design to potential buyers and building their confidence in making a purchase.

Moreover, buyers who have already committed to their new homes are returning to the showroom multiple times with their friends and family to experience the immersive tours of their future apartments. This level of excitement and anticipation highlights the effectiveness of virtual reality in providing a personalized and engaging experience to buyers.

Ben Small observed that customers were genuinely excited to view virtual models of their future homes and felt more confident and invested in the development as a result.  

In addition to the improved customer journey with Virtual Apartments, the Interactive Display enabled the sales team to efficiently manage their stock while showcasing the towers to potential buyers. This platform enabled the sales team to easily track inventory availability, streamlining the sales process and ensuring a seamless experience for both buyers and sales agents.

Interactive Display is a versatile tool that can be utilised both in the showroom and as a mobile sales tool, providing the sales team with complete flexibility when crafting the buyer’s journey. Our platform allows sales agents to seamlessly transition from in-person showroom consultations to off-site meetings, enabling them to showcase the development to potential buyers no matter where they are.


By leveraging advanced visualisation technology, Thirdi Group was able to differentiate itself in a competitive market, elevate the buying experience for potential customers, and ultimately drive sales for the Dairy Farmers Towers development.