Enviz for Property Developers

Showcase your vision with unparalleled clarity

Stand out from the crowd
Enhanced confidence
Faster sales
A 3d model of a space with a tall 3d building.
A 3d model of a tall building.

Deliver immersive virtual experiences that engage and convert

Instil the confidence your buyers deserve with true-to-life virtual experiences and supercharge the capability of your sales team

It's a must-have for our future projects, enhancing both buyer confidence and team clarity.
Chris Wayman
5Point Projects
3d view of a house in multiple devices.

A virtual presentation tool that you can rely on

  • Immersion with lifelike realism - anywhere, any time, on any device.
  • Powerful feature-set for showcasing and selling unbuilt spaces.
  • VR creation is now fast, affordable and easy.

Trusted by leading property developers

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Remote sales
3d model of vr guided view.A 3d model of vr guided view.
Valuable analytics and insights
Dashboard of valuable analytics and insights.Dashboard of valuable analytics and insights.
Powerful integrations
A vr view of a kitchen.A vr view of a kitchen.
Collaborate and review
Showcase whole developments with Enviz Interactive
A dashboard showing a list of different Enviz developments.

Boost pre-sales

Drive increased interest and secure early deposits with engaging virtual spaces.

Increase investor confidence

Equip yourself with accurate data analytics and insights that communicate your progress clearly

Market leadership

Strengthen your market position with effective, state-of-the art XR technology

Enviz for Property Developers

How it works

Creating lifelike VR and AR experiences is now as easy as getting your still renders produced. Whats more, the same CGI studio can take care of both.

Find a design partner
Step 1

Bring your own CGI Studio or we can introduce you to one of ours

Find a design partner
Step 2

Your design partner will work with you to produce a 3D model which they will use to produce both your still renders and Enviz Spaces.

Step 3

Once your model is previewed and signed off using our review tool, we'll transform it into an immersive lifelike experience and create your exclusive listing on our platform

Step 4

Time to get you set up in our platform and equipped with everything needed to get your space live, including CRM and Real Estate Portal integration guides and sharing links.

Step 5

We'll get your sales team trained up and provide ongoing support throughout your project lifecycle.

Try it out

Scan with your phone to open AR experience
QR code that links to the web app.
It's an instrumental tool. We have other projects that aren't using the platform and I can assure you that the sales rates are different as a result. We will utilise the Enviz platform moving forward on our projects, as it provides buyer confidence and clarity.
Chris Wayman
Project Manager, 5Point Projects

The future of property presentations

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