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Showcase your home designs with ease

Unlock a new level of client experience with all your designs on display in one unified platform

Differentiate your offering
Generate more leads
Faster sales

Step into the new era of home construction

Instil the confidence your buyers deserve with highly detailed, lifelike virtual models of future homes.

At a realistic 1:1 scale of the property, potential viewers can experience every area of the house, giving an authentic understanding of the size, space, scale, light, connection and flow of each room.
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3d view of a house in multiple devices.

A multi-device XR platform for every stage of your pipeline

  • Explore every detail of your home designs as if they were already built.
  • Photorealistic immersion for the cost of a still image.
  • Incorporate immersive content through your entire marketing and sales journey.

Trusted by leading builders

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Meet and collaborate in realtime
Vr view of inside of a house.3d view of inside of a house.
Compare design options
3d model of a kitchen.3d model of a kitchen.
Dashboard of analytics and insights.Dashboard of valuable analytics and insights.
Valuable analytics and insights
Powerful integrations
True to scale on-site viewing
3d model of a building.3d model of a building.

Boost client confidence

Allow clients to connect with their future home. Increasing trust and minimising revisions.

Increase efficiency

Facilitate faster decision-making throughout the design process with interactive virtual models.

Best-in-class showcasing

Make your projects unforgettable with cutting edge virtual experiences.

Enviz for Builders

How it works

From conceptual designs to finished homes, Enviz transforms your building plans into interactive, virtual experiences.

Our trusted process helps you extract the most value from your sales and marketing, across your entire catalogue.

Step 1

Supply us with the floor plans or 3D architectural model of your home. If you don't have them, we can put you in touch with one of our trusted design partners.

Step 2

We'll transform your files into an immersive Enviz Space and create your unique listing on our platform.

Step 3

We'll equip you with everything needed to get your space live, including CRM and Real Estate Portal integration guides and sharing links.

Step 4

We'll provide ongoing support to your team throughout your project lifecycle.

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The Enviz platform offers us the ability to walk a buyer through every single room and talk about every minor detail that matters to them. This allows us to really engage with that purchaser.
Alex Sicari
Director Mathieson Property

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