Enviz for Architects

Bring your visions to life in XR

Explore your designs in 1:1 immersion on any device

.fbx to XR creation
Walk your design like it's already built
Realtime collaboration
A 3d view of inside of a house.

Reduce time spent on tedious design revisions

Enhance communication and fast track decision making with immersive virtual presentations of your designs. Allow your client to truly experience their space and understand your vision.

Even though dimensions are on our plans, the perk of Enviz is it puts people in their space and they can see how big it actually is.
Taylor Perrin
Interior Designer Studio 56
3d view of a house in multiple devices.

A presentation grade platform for showcasing your visions with XR

  • Realtime XR on stand-alone mobile devices. No tethers, hotspots, buffering or streaming.
  • Connect and collaborate with your client in realtime, anywhere in the world.
  • A powerful platform to showcase and manage your projects.
Meet and collaborate in realtime
Vr view of inside of a house.3d view of inside of a house.
Compare design options
3d model of a kitchen.3d model of a kitchen.
3d view of a kitchen.A vr view of a kitchen.
Measure, mark-up and make notes inside your space
3d view of a kitchen.3d view of a kitchen.
Keep track of revisions
View on site during construction
3d model of a building.3d model of a building.

Enhanced client trust

Detailed presentations that your client can actually understand

Streamline design approvals

Facilitate faster decision making and decrease costly variations

Unforgettable presentations

Stand out in a competitive market with state-of-the-art VR technology.

Enviz for Architects

How it works

Take your architectural vision into a new dimension with immersive, walkable XR experiences.

Step 1

Supply us with a 3D architectural model of your space

Step 2

We'll transform it into an immersive space

Step 3

Explore your space in Browser, Mobile, Tablet or VR Headset

Step 4

Share and collaborate with your client and stakeholders

Try it out

Scan with your phone to open AR experience
Qr code for web app.
With the Enviz platform, we are easily able to offer clients an immersive tour of our vision. They are truly able to move forward with confidence in us and their future home.
Heath Moloney
Creative Director Designhaus Perth

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