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Studio 56 – Building Designers

April 16, 2024

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Even though we have dimensions on our plans the perks of virtual reality is that it puts people IN the space
Taylor Perrin – Studio56

Studio56 are known for their detailed and architectural home plans and offer building design and architectural drafting services to the Canberra region in Australia. Their company offers building design and architectural drafting, which offers its customers a full-service boutique builder designer’s experience.

Their challenge

Building a house is often the largest purchase of a person’s life and having certainty in the size and flow of a space before construction begins saves both time and money on costly variations. The problem faced by people working in this industry is that houses are being built and designed with 2D floor plans, requiring the client to interpret what those measurements will translate to once construction commences. This poses a significant problem and often clients are unsure or in the worst case, unsatisfied with the finished product. When sitting down with Taylor Perrin, interior designer at Studio56, she shared: “that interpreting 2D floor plans is a universal problem.”

Studio56 identified the need to incorporate move immersive visualisation tools into their design and client collaboration process, so that their clients could have a greater understanding of the flow/size and layout of the design.

Our solution

In order to completely understand the size and layout of a space, nothing compares to 1:1 scale virtual walkthroughs. When approached by Studio56 to integrate VR and AR into their customer journey, EnvisionVR proposed the use of wireframes as part of the design process.

Wireframes, which are immersive Virtual Experiences of architectural designs, which can be produced from FBX and SketchUp files from ArchiCAD, SketchUp and Revit, are created directly from the files already used by building designers and architects to generate an immersive experience. They give the client complete certainty in what their future home will look like at the design stage, giving them the opportunity to make any changes.

As market leaders with a passion for client satisfaction, Studio56 offer wireframes to all their clients as part of the design process.

“Even though we have dimensions on our plans, even though we can portray it as clearly as possible with 3d images, I think the perks of virtual reality is that it actually then puts people in the space and they be like this hallway wasn’t as big as I thought it was or it’s bigger than I thought it was.” – Ms Taylor Perrin of Studio 56 shared.

Studio56 are continually striving to create the best experience for their clients. With the help of EnvisionVR, Studio56 can now offer a fully interactive experience that allows clients to walk through their future home before construction even begins.