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Ivolve Studios – Achieving distinction in Townsville

May 2, 2024

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It was an obvious decision to engage EnvisionVR to produce another industry–leading VR experience.
Sunny Chan, Director Ivolve Studios

The Partner:

Ivolve Studios, headquartered in Sydney, stands as a testament to architectural visualisation excellence. Established in 2000, it’s one of Australia’s longest-running firms in this domain. Their repertoire extends from delivering stellar CGI’s and fly-through animations to immersive virtual reality experiences. Serving a diverse clientele, including architects, developers, and real estate agencies, they marry a client’s vision with their seasoned expertise. Through years of dedication and a commitment to innovation, Ivolve Studios has not only carved a niche but positioned itself as an industry frontrunner.

Their Challenge:

Ivolve’s client was venturing into Townsville, a strategic move demanding a distinct approach, given its location outside the central business district. The challenge was not just to provide buyers with insights into the development but to craft an unparalleled, emotionally resonant visual experience that would set them apart in a highly competitive market.

Our solution:

Having previously witnessed the transformative impact of EnvisionVR’s Virtual Experience during our collaboration on the Coffs Harbour project, Ivolve Studios seamlessly integrated this technology into the Townsville venture. This adoption created “considerably more flexibility for the sales team”, empowering them with an immersive tool that allowed potential buyers to deeply engage with the property.

This wasn’t merely about seeing a space; it was about experiencing it, understanding its intricate details, and forging a genuine emotional connection. “When buyers get to explore an apartment their understanding of the product is more complete and allows them to see the entire marketing collateral within the correct context.”

The Townsville project held a special significance for Ivolve Studios, as they were entrusted with the complete interior design. “The complete responsibility of designing the interiors was vested upon us. With that trust, we provided EnvisionVR with precise instructions, emphasising the exact representation we desired for the VR quality. The outcome was thoroughly pleasing, reflecting our commitment and detailed attention to every aspect of the interiors,” remarked Sunny Chan, Director of Ivolve Studios.


For Ivolve’s latest project in Townsville, the seamless integration of EnvisionVR’s immersive Virtual Experience proved pivotal. This technological embrace not only heightened the buyer’s understanding but also positioned Ivolve and their client at the forefront of innovative property marketing, reaffirming the power of virtual experiences in shaping buyer perceptions and decisions in today’s real estate landscape.

“Following all the positive feedback generated from the last development we all worked on together at Wavelength Coffs Harbour, it was an obvious decision to engage Envision VR to produce another industry leading VR experience. Once again Envision VR delivered an excellent result.”