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SGKS Architects Designed Home

April 16, 2024

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We were very excited and pleased with the result when we first saw the house in Mobile VR. We’ve shown a number of friends and family too.

The Client

At EnvisionVR, we had the opportunity to partner with a client who was embarking on building his own home in collaboration with SGKS Architects.  

Their challenge

After investing countless hours drafting the vision for their perfect home, it was paramount to ensure that the result would cater to their family’s needs for years to come. “Architectural drawings and renders are great for mapping out the space and getting an idea of how the finishes would look, but we wanted to get a sense of how the house would feel to be in when walking around inside and the size of the spaces.”  

Our solution

To bridge the gap between imagination and reality, EnvisionVR created a wireframe Virtual Experience from SGKS Architects’ model of the home. This enabled the client to experience the home as though it was already built, feeling the size, layout and connection of the property. When asked about the difference between experiencing the home in 3D, the client noted; ‘It’s a vastly different experience viewing the wireframe experience compared to seeing 2D floor plans. We were able to get a real sense of how big each of the rooms are, how the house flows, and it make more informed decisions around design changes required to ensure the spaces were designed as we’d imagined.”

The client was even able to pick up several design changes when experiencing the home in VR that would have otherwise been missed on the 2D drawings.


This collaboration between EnvisionVR, SGKS Architects, and the client exemplifies the potential of virtual experiences not only to sell and showcase unbuilt property but also in the design phase of a project. Clients can be empowered to completely understand their vision before laying a single brick and truly immerse themselves in the space they are creating.