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The Ace Residences – Engage & Enchant

April 16, 2024

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I had to pick their jaws up off the floor they were that impressed
Alex Sicari Mathieson Property

The Client

Led by the vision of Alex Sicari, Mathieson Property boasts an impressive legacy spanning over 15 years, marked by its creation, delivery, and asset management of diverse real estate assets, ranging from residential spaces and commercial locales to hotel accommodations and student housing assets.

A boutique property development and investment firm at heart, Mathieson Property doesn’t merely invest in property. They breathe life into them. Their offerings are tailored, adapting seamlessly to partner-specific needs. Their approach isn’t just about brick and mortar; it’s about understanding market trends and shaping innovative solutions to address evolving requirements.

Their challenge

The Ace Residences Bowral exemplified the essence of luxury: expansive homes, meticulously appointed, on low-maintenance plots. However, presenting these luxurious properties to a discerning over-60s audience, posed significant challenges.

Ensuring this demographic’s confidence in off-the-plan purchases was paramount. Equally crucial was the task of standing out in a densely populated local market. The immediate hurdle was to display these homes with a marketing rendering quality that truly reflected their opulence, a challenge unmet in real-time walkthroughs.

Our solution

With the EnvisionVR platform, the Ace Residences team was empowered to lead their buyers on an immersive journey, exploring every room and dissecting every detail. Beyond the static confines of 2D images, buyers were virtually transported inside their prospective homes, experiencing them at a level of detail previously unimaginable.  

“I had to pick their jaw up off the floor they were that impressed with the product and that impressed with the design and they just felt very comfortable that what they had acquired off the plan was going to translate into the real product that they were buying” – Alex Sicari Mathieson Property

The outcomes spoke volumes. Whether through on-site viewings, iPad presentations, or smart TV showcases, the clients were deeply engaged. The sheer detail and precision of the virtual experience left a lasting impression, underscoring the transformative power of EnvisionVR’s virtual experience offering.


The Ace Residences project in Bowral showcased the transformative potential of EnvisionVR’s platform. By bridging the gap between opulent design aspirations and a buyer’s expectations, it not only answered their lingering questions but also instilled confidence in their off-the-plan purchases. The overwhelmingly positive reception, from both the sales team and the clients, stands as a testament to the power of immersive virtual experiences in the modern real estate scenario. When asked if they’d collaborate with EnvisionVR again, the answer was a resounding “yes”.