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Architectural Home – First Home Builder

April 16, 2024

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At EnvisionVR, we had the privilege of working with a client who embarked on the creation of a remarkable luxury home in Sydney’s Inner West. Collaborating closely with renowned architectural firm Molinar Architects, our client envisioned a modern, spacious, and truly luxurious residence that would exceed all expectations.  

Their challenge

Envisaging what a home will look like once it has been built is a universal challenge, particularly when that home is an architectural masterpiece with 7 bedrooms, 5 and a half bathrooms an indoor garden and a display garage. Given the grandeur of the project, our client wanted to ensure that every detail was just right before commencing construction. Although armed with plans provided by his architect, our client desired an immersive experience that would allow him to tangibly grasp the flow, size, and layout of his future home, offering him unparalleled confidence in its design long before construction began.

Our solution

To address our client’s needs, EnvisionVR devised a two-part solution that revolutionised his understanding of the architectural design. First and foremost, we created a White Wireframe from the FBX file provided by his architects. This cutting-edge technology allowed our client to witness his plans come to life in a remarkable 1:1 scale virtual experience on his mobile device and personal VR headset.

Upon reviewing the design in collaboration with the architects, he gained unprecedented insight into the intricacies of the floor plan and layout. He stated that it was only after seeing the design as though it was built that he could understand completely how the spaces flowed together. Armed with this understanding, he was able to work with his architects to update the design and make changes to better suit his vision.

The second part of our solution involved providing our client with a Textured Wireframe, from SketchUp, taking the White Wireframe experience to the next level. By incorporating basic colours and textures, this enhanced visualisation enabled our client to vividly imagine how the finished product would harmoniously come together. This aspect proved particularly valuable for this project, as visualising the indoor garden without the addition of colour would have been challenging.

Moreover, the EnvisionVR platform offered our client an exceptional opportunity to share his building and design journey with friends and family. Within the virtual space, he could host virtual tours of his future home.  


In conclusion, EnvisionVR’s collaboration with our client in the creation of his exceptional luxury home has showcased the transformative power of immersive technology in the realm of architectural design. The immersive experiences allowed him to gain a greater understanding of his design and the ability to proceed with complete confidence and clarity in the finished product.