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Studio 5253 – Adding VR to their business

April 16, 2024

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The Partner:  

Studio5253 is a dynamic 3D Visualisation Studio and creative agency specialising in branding, design, and digital solutions. With a passion for crafting unique and compelling visual experiences, Studio 5253 helps businesses and individuals bring their ideas to life in the most captivating and effective way. Led by a highly skilled team, Studio 5253 combines innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking to deliver stunning 3D Visuals with quick turnarounds and exceptional results for their clients.

Their Challenge:

Studio 5253 has worked with a range of property developers, both residential and commercial, as well as sales agents. They were looking for a means of expanding their product offering to include immersive experiences. This is something that the company had considered bringing in house, but Murtaza Poonawala Director of Studio 5253 shared that it made more sense for the business to focus on product assets for the clients and partner with someone to deliver immersive experiences.

Our solution:  

EnvisionVR, in collaboration with CGI studios and innovative creative agencies and Visualisation Studios like Studio 5253, offers a cutting-edge solution that enables the delivery of immersive experiences to clients. As a trusted EnvisionVR partner, Studio 5253 has successfully executed numerous projects, including Virtual Homes, Virtual Apartments, and Interactive Display, providing clients with unparalleled visual experiences. The partnership with EnvisionVR has revolutionised the way Studio 5253 conceptualises and presents their projects, creating a new level of interactivity and realism that captivates audiences.


As the demand for immersive solutions continues to grow, Studio 5253 remains at the forefront of the industry. By leveraging EnvisionVR’s immersive technology, Studio 5253 has elevated their client deliverables to new heights, providing unparalleled virtual experiences that engage, inspire, and drive results.