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Sekisui House – Lumia Lux

April 16, 2024

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Sekisui House is a renowned developer in the real estate industry. Founded in Japan, Sekisui House has expanded its operations globally, setting a high standard for quality, design, and environmentally friendly practices. The company’s expertise lies in creating well-designed homes that prioritize comfort, functionality, and energy efficiency. Through its unwavering dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, Sekisui House has earned a strong reputation for delivering exceptional properties.

Their challenge

Once stage one of the development was sold, Sekisui House embarked on the next phase of their plan, which involved renovating the showroom to accommodate the upcoming stage two sales. However, this transition meant that there would be a considerable timeframe during which the sales agents would be without a dedicated showroom to showcase their exquisite collection of luxury boutique apartments. Sekisui House faced the challenge of finding the most effective and optimal alternative to present their apartments without a physical showroom

Having previously utilised virtual reality (VR) in their sales process, Sekisui House sought a solution that was not only user-friendly but also capable of accurately representing the architectural design and essence of Lumia Lux.

Our solution

The EnvisionVR platform is completely mobile, and this flexibility enables sales agents to utilised it both within and outside showrooms. To effectively display the prestigious project, EnvisionVR proposed creating three Virtual Experiences of three different floor plan layouts; two two-bedroom configurations and one three-bedroom configuration. By incorporating this solution, sales agents would gain a powerful tool to engage potential buyers without a showroom. The immersive experience provided by virtual reality headsets or tablet-based 1:1 scale walkthroughs would transport prospective buyers into the meticulously designed spaces of Lumia Lux, allowing them to visualise themselves living in these luxury apartments.  

This innovative solution effectively bridged the gap between imagination and reality for potential buyers. It provided a tangible, interactive experience that heightened their emotional connection with the Lumia Lux apartments, facilitating a seamless and informed decision-making process.


Sekisui House’s collaboration with EnvisionVR revolutionised their sales approach during the showroom transition period. By embracing the mobile EnvisionVR platform, sales agents gained the flexibility to showcase the prestigious Lumia Lux project outside traditional showrooms. The creation of three captivating Virtual Experiences, representing different floor plan layouts, provided an immersive and personalised journey for potential buyers. With EnvisionVR’s cutting-edge solution, Sekisui House successfully navigated the challenge of showcasing their luxury boutique apartments without a physical showroom, further solidifying their reputation as a leader in the industry.