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Client stories

Ray White Projects/Moshav Financial – AYA relaunch

April 16, 2024

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The Client

Developer Moshav Financial alongside architect Koichi Takada and project marketing agency Ray White Projects worked closely to bring the vision of an opulent, full floor penthouse apartment in Bondi to life.

This one-of-a-kind project in Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach needed a sales and marketing campaign that was cutting-edge and fitting of the grandeur of the project.  

Their challenge

Ray White Projects was looking to rebrand and relaunch the project under a new name, AYA. To achieve this, they partnered with Studio Nota, a Sydney-based strategic and creative practice founded by creative director Nina Harcus. Nina shared “The vision for AYA was to create a distinct identity that would set it apart from the previous Aqualine marketing, as a more premium and unique offering. While Aqualine was a successful brand in its own right, AYA was targeting a more discerning and high net worth purchaser and needed its own unique marketing strategy. We wanted AYA to be seen as a luxurious and one-of-a-kind penthouse in Bondi Beach.”  

The project, whilst getting a branding refresh, still had a Virtual Experience of the apartment as well as no dedicated showroom. The challenge for Ray White Projects and Studio Nota was to combine the fresh, bold campaign with the existing technology and to effectively showcase the grand penthouse without a showroom.

Our solution

As the Virtual Experience of the apartment had already been created for the project, EnvisionVR worked with Nina Harcus to rebrand on the EnvisionVR platform in preparation of the launch of AYA. Nina chose to use the Virtual Apartment behind the register your interest campaign “It created a sense of exclusivity and intrigue for the project that was different from our competition. We believed that this interactive and immersive experience would be compelling and generate strong interest among our target audience.” Nina shared.

The Virtual Apartment would also be used by Ray White Projects to showcase the property in lieu of a showroom. When asked about the strategy for ulitising the platform, Nina Harcus shared, “the agents can virtually walk through the penthouse with a potential buyer, guiding their experience to call out features like they would in reality. It meant we could bring the penthouse to life and provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of its features, design and scale that was unique to other development campaigns.”  


The collaboration between AYA and Studio Nota showcases the effective utilisation of EnvisionVR’s platform for rebranding and relaunching projects. A key goal of this endeavour was to distinguish the development from competitors and break away from conventional Bondi Beach branding. As part of the comprehensive marketing and sales campaign, the Virtual Experience of the apartment serves as an additional component that helps the project stand out in the market and differentiate itself from rival offerings.