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Arc & Sphere – Shaping the future

April 16, 2024

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I’ve seen many innovations, but the (EnvisionVR) platform’s capability to turn renders into vivid 3D experiences stands out. Experiencing properties at a 1:1 scale, even before they’re built, is truly remarkable. This is a defining moment for architectural visualisation.
Toni Tran Le – Co-Founder and CEO of Arc & Sphere

The Partner:

Arc & Sphere is a boutique virtual design firm dedicated to crafting transformative visual experiences. With a passion for creativity and excellence, this talented team harnesses cutting-edge technology to produce stunning, realistic visuals.

Committed to collaboration, Arc & Sphere works intimately with partners to align solutions with their unique needs and aspirations. The firm deeply values the power of virtual design to inspire imagination and foster meaningful connections. Their clients choose Arc & Sphere for a journey where creativity and advanced technology converge into innovative visual storytelling.

Their Challenge:

Arc & Sphere are always seeking standout solutions to elevate their offerings and recognised the industry’s growing demand for life-like virtual property experiences.

“In today’s rapidly advancing tech landscape, immersive tools like VR in architectural visualisation are becoming essential, providing clients with a vivid sense of their investments.”

But modeling to this standard and breaking away from renders alone, demands CGI companies use expensive gaming engines, upskill their team, or hire staff with unique skill sets and often develop their own virtual experience platforms.  

Our solution:

Thanks to EnvisionVR’s platform and 3ds Max to VR workflow, we were able to seamlessly integrate into Arc & Sphere’s existing processes, negating the need for investment in additional equipment or development. Arc & Sphere were equipped with an enhanced service offering incorporating vibrant and immersive virtual property experiences in just a matter of weeks.  

“We’re in the early stages of our partnership with EnvisionVR, yet their impact has been significant. The combination of their team’s expertise and the innovative technology has truly enhanced our services, taking them to a new level.”

With EnvisionVR’s Virtual Experiences being accessible across all devices, Arc & Sphere can deliver this product offering to a global audience with confidence. “It breaks down geographical barriers, enabling clients worldwide to virtually explore properties, optimizing both time and resources.”


Arc & Sphere’s vision is not just to anticipate the future, but to shape it. The partnership with EnvisionVR has enriched their suite of services and enhanced their operational efficiency, a strategic move that allows Arc & Sphere to remain focused on their forte—crafting extraordinary architectural visualisations.

“We see EnvisionVR as a strategic partner and an integral part of our offerings. As the demand for immersive experiences grows, our partnership with EnvisionVR will deepen, ensuring our clients receive the best in VR technology.