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Ivolve Studios – Mobile VR offering

April 16, 2024

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I have been recommending this collaboration with EnvisionVR for multiple projects and am excited to see our next project come to market as well.
Sunny Chan, Director Ivolve Studios

The Partner:  

Based in Sydney, Ivolve Studios is an esteemed architectural visualisation company renowned for delivering exceptional CGI’s, fly-through animations, and virtual reality experiences for a diverse range of clients, including developers, builders, architects, interior designers, marketing and branding agencies, real estate agencies, product designers, event organizers, TV producers, and game production companies. The company’s core expertise lies in the building industry, where it leverages extensive experience and an innovative approach to provide unique marketing collateral tailored to each project.  

Founded in 2000, Ivolve Studios is one of the longest operating architectural visualisation firms in Australia and with a steadfast commitment to innovation have established themselves as leaders in the industry.

Their Challenge:

Ivolve Studios has been offering Virtual Reality solutions since 2004 and have adopted many iterations of the emerging technologies since. “It’s always a struggle to find clients that have enough foresight to adopt new technologies but occasionally we encounter clients that are enthusiastic about embracing new ways of marketing their developments. It’s a joy working on those type of opportunities.” – Sunny Chan, Director iVolve Studios.  

On a recent project, Wavelength, Coffs Harbour, Ivolve Studios’ client was looking for a mobile AR/VR walkthrough solution for their project. Whilst iVolve have produce their own mobile solutions in-house previously, their expertise and focus in the VR space remains on high-end tethered experiences.

Our solution:  

Working with Ivolve Studios, EnvisionVR presenting the solution of a mobile AR and VR platform to complement the CGIs already produced by Ivolve.

“I saw a very specific site condition that could really make use of mobile VR technology. We had already produced a high detail tethered VR experience for our client on a previous project, so we were already well-versed in the advantages of using VR as a sales tool. With Wavelength, the client was traveling up to Coffs Harbour almost every week and with opportunities to start selling to locals arising I convinced him to allow us to work with EnvisionVR to bring our design to life on the EnvisionVR platform.” – Sunny Chan.

Working to tight deadlines, EnvisionVR worked with Sunny’s team to create an immersive 1:1 scale mobile experience that was successfully used to showcase and sell the development.  

When asking about the benefits of utlising the EnvisionVR platform for his client’s project, Sunny shared: “The EnvisionVR solution is a very polished application. It’s works efficiently, is streamlined, and it easy to use. I like the functionality and the ability to sync an iPad to a headset for Guided Viewing experiences. The ability to have multiple viewers within the virtual apartment at the same time all communicating with each other is fantastic and is something I’ve been wanting for a long time.”


The collaboration with EnvisionVR and Ivolve Studios allowed Sunny to add another offering to his clients, mobile AR and VR. As a leader in the space, Sunny was able to recognise the power of partnering with a technology provider for instances where the studio’s own tethered VR solutions are less applicable.  

Sunny added “The project was a great success. All apartments have been sold in a very tight market and the response from all purchases have been very positive. I have been recommending this collaboration with EnvisionVR for multiple projects and am excited to see our next project come to market as well.”