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5 Essentials for Every World-Class Showroom

October 27, 2023

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As the realms of real estate and technological innovation converge, the standards and expectations for property showrooms evolve. The progression from traditional showrooms to tech-integrated experiences is not just transformational—it’s essential for those operating at the forefront of the industry.

Here are five must-haves for every world-class showroom.

1. Placemaking

Integrating digital marketing assets into a singular platform is no longer a luxury—it’s a benchmark. Buyers are demanding clarity and accuracy to instil confidence when making purchase decisions. EnvisionVR’s Interactive Display ensures a unified platform, housing all your marketing assets in one place, facilitating stock management, project showcasing and seamless access to crucial floor plans and floor plates. CRM integration and customer-level insights seamlessly merge this platform into your existing workflow, creating an unparalleled edge in dynamic property showcasing, resonating with informed buyers and industry stakeholders.

2. Immersion

Virtual navigation of properties at a 1:1 scale is a foundational requirement for modern unbuilt property showcasing. Our ‘Impact of Emerging Technology Trends’ survey revealed 33% of respondents already use VR/AR, with 20% more planning adoption within 12-24 months.

EnvisionVR’s Virtual Experiences go beyond traditional 2D plans, providing detailed views of space, design, and architecture. Research shows listings with virtual tours sell 31% faster and achieve 4%-9% higher prices due to the immersive experience, enhancing buyers’ emotional connection and ability to visualize life within the property. Such granularity is paramount for informed investors and industry professionals.

3. Accessibility  

Geographical constraints have always proved detrimental to the property sales industry, with many buyers lacking the confidence to purchase without visiting a physical showroom, with statistics showing that only 30% of buyers will ever step foot in a physical display suite. Implementing tools that enable guided virtual tours on any device, industry professionals can offer real-time, immersive explorations of properties to a global clientele. Virtual Guided Viewing not only streamlines the sales process but also enables agents to tap into global markets and reach potential buyers who may be located in different cities, states, or even countries.

4. Interactivity

Restrictive 360 hotspot and in-person property tours are a relic of the past. Today’s industry-standard mandates dynamic interactions that offer potential buyers granular insights into properties. Whether it’s switching perspectives, zooming into detailed architectural features, or changing colour schemes and materials, the new era of property viewing thrives on active engagement and customisable experiences.  

5. Engaging and Memorable Experiences

Traditional showrooms operated on the premise of ‘visit us’, which is not realistic for all buyers. Contemporary strategies hinge on flexibility. Offering both sellers and buyers the autonomy to engage from any location, on any device, reflects an industry attuned to modern demands. Imagine a sales agent being able to visit a potential buyer at any location, and present a property in the same quality as what they would experience in a professional showroom. Such freedom translates to enhanced efficiency, broader engagement, and a modernized sales approach.

As the property sector advances, incorporating these five pillars will be imperative in creating a World-Class Showroom experience. By utilizing Virtual Experiences, both agents and developers can captivate prospective buyers in new and exciting ways, leading to improved sales results. Adopting EnvisionVR’s pioneering technology empowers agents and developers to stand out as industry forerunners, transcend geographical limitations, enhance the buyer experience, and streamline the sales cycle.