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Don’t Get Left Behind with Virtual Experience Adoption

August 23, 2023

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In the technology-driven world of AR/VR property experiences, an industry expected to grow to a value of 2.6 billion dollars by 2025, rapid advancements are the norm, not the exception. While this pace promises innovation and growth, without virtual experience adoption, CGI studios stand on the precipice of being left behind if they don’t adapt and move with the industry.

Virtual Experience Adoption - Image of an Ipad showing an EnvisionVR Virtual Experience

Adopting new technologies and embracing this fast-paced industry often comes with its share of concerns. Respondents from our 2023 Emerging Technologies Trend Report commented on the top three challenges that businesses face when adopting new technologies include; the cost of implementation and maintenance (22%), incompatibility with existing workflows (21%), and the risk of learning new services before client demand (21%).

Where do we stand?

Recognising these challenges, EnvisionVR is standing as an ally to CGI Studios, providing a secure, lightweight platform to harness the power of virtual property experiences. This opens doors to fresh business opportunities, attracting a more diverse, innovation-driven clientele and driving increased project success. Ultimately paving the way to broadened revenue streams and enhanced profitability.

It’s key to point out that EnvisionVR is not a CGI studio. Our core objective isn’t to compete but to empower. Our focus in supporting CGI studios is to amplify their services and ensure they’re well-equipped to meet industry demands.

Virtual Experience Adoption - Image of a catalogue and EnvisionVR Virtual Experience for CGI Studios

Integration Concerns?

Still concerned about integration? We’ve got it covered. EnvisionVR has been crafted to weave seamlessly into CGI studios’ current operations, enabling an enhanced portfolio of premium virtual experiences through our ‘walk-anywhere’ AR/VR mobile technology.

Studios can effortlessly transform their 3ds Max models into immersive experiences accessible on mobile phones, tablets, VR headsets, and the web. This eliminates the need to hire specialised staff or upskill existing staff to produce AR and VR in-house, both from a modelling perspective and the software development for hosting the experience. By allowing studios to model in 3ds Max and host on our world-class sales platform, disruptions to workflows are limited and efficiency is maximised.

Collaborating with EnvisionVR is both a strategic decision and a leap forward in the virtual revolution. Through our partnership, you’ll be distinguished as pioneers, offering cutting-edge services in response to the surging demand for immersive experiences. And while you take centre stage, we’ll be discreetly bolstering your capabilities from the background.

Future-Proof through Collaboration.

In today’s AR/VR landscape, standing still means falling behind. By collaborating with EnvisionVR, CGI studios have a chance to not only stay relevant but to position themselves at the forefront of the industry, all without overhauling their core operations. We provide the bridge to both maintain current workflows and embrace the evolution. The future beckons. Will you lead or follow?

EnvisionVR extends an invitation to CGI studios worldwide to join their mission in shaping the future of virtual experiences, one partnership at a time.