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Virtual Experiences: Immerse Your Buyers

February 17, 2023

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So, what are Virtual Experiences? They are immersive, 1:1 scale property tours of off-the-plan and pre-build property that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Yes, you heard correctly; you can now walk through a future space in perfect scale as though it was already built. We do this by making use of the latest AR and VR technology to create a life-like experience for the viewer. We have two types of Virtual Experiences; Virtual Apartments and Virtual Homes. Let’s explore who uses Virtual Experiences and all the features and benefits they offer.  

Virtual Apartments

Virtual Apartments provide a unique opportunity for developers and sales agents to showcase their projects to buyers as though they were already built. By enabling buyers to explore properties in a 1:1 scale, they can feel completely certain about what their future home will look and feel like. This is key for increasing buyer confidence and reducing time to sale. What’s more, Virtual Apartments offer a competitive edge when it comes to marketing and selling developments, allowing the project to stand out from the competition.

Virtual Homes

Virtual Homes are a game-changer for home builders. They can now showcase their entire design catalogue without having to construct a show home. These immersive experiences enable buyers to browse through different layouts and designs, helping them to select the perfect one that suits their block and preferences. No more guesswork or imagination required – with Virtual Homes, clients can walk through a 1:1 scale model and have complete confidence in their build.  

Now that we’ve covered who uses Virtual Experiences, let’s dive in and take a look at all the amazing features.

1:1 scale

We pride ourselves on creating experiences that blur the line between imagination and reality. For that reason, our Virtual Experiences are 1:1 scale, allowing you to walk through using augmented reality on a phone or tablet or virtual reality in a headset. This gives the ability to showcase the sense of space and flow of the space as though it were already built.

Life-like quality

Our Virtual Experiences boast like-like quality, think you CGI renders but in 3D! The experiences will have all fixtures, finishes and furniture in stunning quality. Don’t believe us? Download our demo app to see for yourself!  

Incorporate drone imagery Want to see what the actual view will look like? Not a problem! Views are often a selling feature of a property, however with off-the-plan/pre-build property this can be hard to articulate to the buyer. See the real view with the incorporation of drone footage into Virtual Experiences, allowing buyers to stand on the balcony and see exactly what their view will look like. This feature is primarily used by our developer and sales agent clients showcasing Virtual Apartments.  

Guided Viewings*

Imagine being able to connect with buyers anytime, anywhere in the world. Guided viewings allow the agent to guide the buyer through the Virtual Experience as if they were there in person. They are interactive virtual tours designed to provide users with a highly immersive experience. With the ability to communicate and facilitate the experience, users can explore and discover details in a way that feels as close to a physical visit as possible.

Learn more.

Data and insights*

Access customer-level insights to tell who is engaging with the project and which product is the most popular. View all customer data and analytics in a single dashboard online or integrate with existing CRM to create targeted outreach workflows.

Colour Schemes, Upgrades and Tagging

Take Virtual Experiences to the next level with scheme changes, upgrades and information tagging. Show off different schemes with the click of a button. Whether it’s a dark or light scheme, modern or mid-century. Appeal to a wider range of buyer’s preferences by offering multiple options.  

Have upgrades as an option? With Virtual Experiences, showcase the upgrades of a property by swapping out materials and finishes like bench tops, flooring, and cabinetry. Buyers no longer need to imagine what a 40mm bench top looks like compared to 20mm, just toggle back and forth and they can see exactly what their investment will look like.

Display additional information linked to projects such as product information, photos and videos with tagging. This allows buyers to continue to navigate through the design in their own time and have access to all the information and features of the project.

Showcase home facades

Virtual Homes allow you to showcase both the interior and exterior of the property. We’ve already talked about the life-like quality of interiors and this is no different for exteriors. This is particularly useful for home builders wanting to show their different facades.  

These Virtual Homes can even be placed on-site using cutting-edge augmented reality and the viewer can walk through the future home as though it were built!

Available on mobile devices

We believe in accessibility and that’s why our Virtual Experiences can be explored on mobile devices (phones, tablets and VR headsets) without compromising of performance or quality. No cords of high computing power are required, simply download the app and you can tour a future space with the tech in your pocket.

Web-hosting available

Want to host these experiences on your website? Virtual Experiences are available to be viewed on the web as clickable tours, allowing projects to be embedded on websites to drive engagement and enquiry.