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Rebranding and Relaunching AYA: Studio Nota’s Vision and EnvisionVR’s Immersive Strategy

June 15, 2023

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In the world of real estate, rebranding and relaunching projects is a strategic move to give real estate agents the chance to refine their approach, capture renewed interest, and better align with market dynamics and target audience preferences.

AYA, formerly known as Aqualine, undertook this transformative journey with the creative direction of Studio Nota, a Sydney-based strategic and creative practice led by the visionary creative director, Nina Harcus. This article delves into the fascinating story of AYA’s rebranding process, highlighting Studio Nota’s involvement and the importance of a fresh, standout strategy in project relaunches.

“The vision for AYA was to create a distinct identity that would set it apart from the previous Aqualine marketing, as a more premium and unique offering. While Aqualine was a successful brand in its own right, AYA was targeting a more discerning and high net worth purchaser and needed its own unique marketing strategy. We wanted AYA to be seen as a luxurious and one-of-a-kind penthouse in Bondi Beach.” – Nina Harcus

To stand out in a competitive market, Studio Nota’s focus was on creating a vibrant and elegant visual identity with a touch of playfulness. They opted for a vibrant cobalt blue to stand out over the typical turquoise associated with Bondi Beach and went with the slogan “In Bondi Beach size does matter.” This playful tone of voice set AYA apart from other campaigns in the market, leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers.  

Another key feature of the relaunch campaign was the incorporation of the Virtual Experience of the penthouse created by EnvisionVR for the original Aqualine launch with Ray White Projects. The Virtual Apartment allows viewers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking full-floor penthouse, taking in the size, high quality finishes and view towards Bondi Beach. In preparation for the launch of AYA, EnvisionVR worked with Studio Nota to rebrand the experience which was to be used behind a registration of interest campaign.

“The strategy behind using the VR in our ROI campaign was to act as the ‘dangling carrot’ that encouraged potential buyers to contact the agents for more information. It created a sense of exclusivity and intrigue for the project that was different from our competition. We believed that this interactive and immersive experience would be compelling and generate strong interest among our target audience.” – Nina shared

With no onsite showroom available, Studio Nota recognised the EnvisionVR platform’s immense potential to showcase the property and captivate potential buyers. The VR headset became an essential tool for agents, offering a virtual walkthrough of the penthouse while providing expert guidance and highlighting key features. This technology brought the penthouse to life, allowing potential buyers to gain a comprehensive understanding of its unique features, design, and scale that set it apart from other development campaigns.

When relaunching a project, Nina Harcus emphasizes the importance of pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box when it comes to marketing campaigns in the real estate industry.

“A successful brand and campaign is not just about promoting a property; it’s about crafting a compelling story and creating an emotional connection with your target market. By combining innovative marketing strategies and technologies, you can make a memorable impression and set your project apart from the competition.”

– Nina Harcus

The collaboration between AYA and Studio Nota in rebranding and relaunching the project showcases the power of a standout strategy and the transformative capabilities of EnvisionVR’s platform. AYA’s journey from Aqualine to a premium, one-of-a-kind offering is a testament to the visionary approach of Studio Nota and the potential of immersive experiences in captivating buyers. As the demand for virtual experiences continues to grow, EnvisionVR remains at the forefront, revolutionising the way new developments are marketed and experienced.