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Montgomery Homes partners with EnvisionVR to create virtual display homes

July 22, 2022

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Montgomery Homes have given viewers the opportunity to visualise every inch of their new property before it is even built, becoming NSW’s first project home builder to offer Virtual Reality (VR) tours.

Unlike other VR which requires participants to be stationary and tethered, Montgomery Homes’ VR has world first innovative technology which allows users to physically walk in an unobstructed space in the real world with no cords or cables.

At a realistic 1:1 scale of the property, potential viewers can experience every area of the house, giving an authentic understanding of the size, space, scale, light, connection and flow of each room. They can literally walk around the home and count steps for how large each room is, allowing them to understand the full proportion and immerse themselves into their future home as it will be built.

Partnering with EnvisionVR, the world’s leading Virtual Reality platform for showcasing unbuilt properties, the state-of-the-art technology allows viewers to freely explore 11 Montgomery Homes designs where they can walk and explore the entire property.

Viewers can experience the virtual display home via VR headset at several Montgomery Homes locations. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to continue their virtual display home tour from the comfort of their couch. The tablet and mobile app (EnvisionVR app) allows customers to use their own devices as a window into the virtual display home. Viewers can still enjoy the virtual display home in a small space, with the ability to move from room to room. Equally, viewers can travel to their vacant block of land and utilise the EnvisionVR app to gain an understanding of what the facade of their home will look like from their screen.

Viewers can view inclusions and finishes from tapware, colour and architectural elements such as square-set ceilings. 2D floorplans by their very nature are unable to feature furniture and décor details, which are an integral element to the display home experience. However, this technology allows viewers to visualise how the floorplan flows with furniture, allowing viewers to explore a variety of finishes to suit their lifestyle.

To make the experience even more engaging, customers can undertake the virtual display home in a group, meaning a couple can enter the technology together with an agent to walk them through the property.

Montgomery Homes Managing Director, Jamie Montgomery, said the introduction of Virtual Reality display homes gives customers an added peace of mind when making their purchase.

“Overall Montgomery Homes has over 250 designs available. But with only 28 homes physically on display, it can be difficult for customers to visualise their potential new home. Our new virtual display offering removes that barrier, with our 1:1 scale critical for customers to get a complete sense of the size and layout of each room to help inform their buying decision.”

“As a market leader, it’s vital that we continue to innovate and embrace new technology to provide the best possible service to our customers.”

Montgomery Homes ambassador Shaynna Blaze said the virtual reality viewing was a great tool for first time buyers to make an informed decision, “We have seen other options previously where buyers can sit on a computer and have an overview of a property. But this is completely different as buyers can step into the space and walk around to give them a true sense of what they will be buying. The technology is extremely realistic, even to the detail of walking around coffee tables, which is great as it can be hard for people to visualise the finished product.”

“For many people buying a property is the biggest investment they will make in their life, so this is a great tool to help them understand spatial awareness within their property.”

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