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EnvisionVR’s Interactive Display Product Bringing Property Developments to Life in Real Time

November 15, 2022

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Off-the-plan property buyers are being inundated with marketing content, making it more important than ever for developers to create exceptional buying experiences.

Sydney-based Proptech start-up EnvisionVR is making waves in the global property industry, with their innovative new product, Interactive Display, receiving raving reviews. Sales agents, developers, creative agencies and off-the-plan buyers are all seeing the benefits of utilising EnvisionVR’s new Interactive Displays.

EnvisionVR’s team have created a world-leading 3D, AR and VR technology platform which brings the whole development team together and combines all of the marketing material in one location – creating a seamless sales experience for buyers. CEO and Founder, Michael Shaw said, the new product was in demand since its recent launch.

“Interactive Display combines all the marketing materials in one location and give the sales agents the digital tools they need to sell property off-the-plan. It gives the sales agents the ability to take buyers on an engaging buying experience, including being able to do a fully immersive virtual reality tour, where they can walk through the future property at 1:1 scale” he shared.

“EnvisionVR works with a developer’s existing CGI artist, or we can refer developers to one of the CGI Partners in our global network. By working with a developer’s current CGI Partner we ensure Interactive Display has the perfect look and feel, and is delivered on-time and on-budget every time. EnvisionVR has recently completed Interactive Display projects in Sydney, Newcastle and London and are working on projects in New York City and Lisbon while the platform is being used to sell property to buyers living in Melbourne, Perth, Auckland and Hong Kong already.”

One of the key benefits of Interactive Display is its ability to have all marketing material in one place, making it easier and more streamlined for the sales agents to sell from anywhere at any time.

“Interactive Display enables agents to take their buyers on a journey through the project, explaining the project surrounds, the amenities, the design, price points and availability of each apartment. Sales agents take buyers from the exterior to the interior – exploring fittings and finishes, space and light, outlook and view. Everything that is important to help that buyer make a decision.” Mr Shaw shared that it’s an easy-to-use, highly visual platform, that gives sales agents everything they need to take their buyers through that process.

From 360-degree views, brochures, project descriptions, as well as stock levels and user insights, Interactive Display is designed from first principles to enhance the showroom experience for prospective buyers, and to give sales agents the tools to bring the property development to life from anywhere in the world.

Mr Shaw said, “Sales agents can now bring the showroom with them anywhere, whilst also improving the quality of the sales conversion. All they need is a phone, tablet or VR headset. This opens up huge opportunity to connect with buyers in different locations and sell without the constraints of showroom geography or opening times.”

Davina Poletto, Sales Executive for Ray White Projects (NSW), said she was excited to see a product of this calibre in an Australian market. “It’s something you would expect to see in Europe, and I personally think it’s the future of property buying. The world keeps getting smaller and this is truly a global solution to property buying.” Ms Poletto spoke of EnvisionVR’s visual accuracy of the Interactive Display as invaluable.

Interactive Display places the entire building experience in the hands of the purchaser, and it just makes it so easy for a potential purchaser to visualise their dream home or investment, in a matter of seconds. The position, aspect, height, and size of their potential new home,” she shared.

Ms Poletto shared: “It totally changes the game – it is a way for buyers to ‘physically come in’ and either see the product, (via a showroom), or walkthrough or meet with them on site, this removes all those barriers for a potential buyer with virtually every part of the purchasing process able to completely remote.”

“It has already surpassed 360-degree tour technology and truly brings an off-plan project to life. It’s a great tool to layer in with a robust marketing campaign to make buying off-the-plan that much easier.” Ms Poletto shared.

Davina Poletto said Ray White Projects (NSW) had been using the EnvisionVR platform for an array of projects since the tech start-up entered the market 12 months ago, and the platform covered everything the projects required. “Working with the EnvisionVR team has been a relationship which is continuing to grow, and we see great benefit in the product offering and the solutions it provides.”

Whether the buyer is interacting with an Interactive Display in the development showroom, on an iPad or a VR headset – or going on a remote guided viewing from the agent from the comfort of their couch, they are getting a world-class digital experience.

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