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Guided Viewings: Extend Your Reach

February 9, 2023

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Guided Viewings are the solution to connecting with buyers anywhere, anytime. They are interactive virtual tours of pre-built and off-the-plan property designed to provide users with a highly immersive experience. These viewings are led by a sales agent who provides insights and commentary on various aspects of the property. With the ability to communicate and facilitate the experience, users can explore and discover details in a way that feels as close to a physical visit as possible.

Extend your reach

One of the most significant benefits of Guided Viewings is giving agents everywhere the opportunity to reach far beyond their local area and connect with buyers located in other states or even overseas. With Guided Viewings, it has never been so easy for a buyer to get an immersive real estate experience straight from their mobile device – no matter where they are! All agents need to do is organise a meeting time, send their buyer a link and meet in the Virtual Apartment.  

Showcasing tools

The platform has a number of powerful showcasing tools built in that enable sales agents to tailor the experience to their buyer. These tools allow sales agents to highlight specific features and aspects of the property, showcasing the unique selling points and demonstrating why it is the ideal choice for the buyer.  

See what your buyer is seeing

From the platform, agents are able to toggle between views to see what the buyer is seeing. This enables them to enhance the interaction and provide commentary based on their interaction with the space.

In-built audio

Communication through the platform is simple with in-built audio. The agent and the buyer as able to talk freely as the agent showcases the property. This allows for a highly collaborative and interactive experience.

Certainty in pre-build

Guided Viewings on the EnvisionVR app provide a higher level of certainty in pre-build sales, as they allow potential buyers to experience a life-like representations of future property before it is built. This allows them to accurately visualise the layout, design, and features of the property, giving them a better understanding of the property and helping them make an informed decision. By offering a virtual tour that accurately represents the final product, agents can increase the confidence of potential buyers, increasing pre-sales.

In summary, Guided Viewings offer a unique solution for agents to connect with potential buyers in a highly immersive and interactive way. With the ability to showcase properties remotely, agents can reach a wider audience, including overseas and interstate buyers. The platform’s powerful showcasing tools make it easy for agents to tailor the experience to each buyer and provide a personalised and engaging tour of the property. Guided Viewings also offer a higher level of certainty in pre-build sales, as buyers are able to experience a virtual representation of the property before it is built. By utilising the capabilities Guided Viewings, agents can increase their customer base, reduce time to sale and enhance their overall sales process.