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EnvisionVR Vs Matterport, What’s The Difference?

December 1, 2022

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This is a question we get asked all the time! The simplest answer is Matterport is for visualizing existing spaces and EnvisionVR is for future spaces. There is a bit more nuance to this so let’s dive in a look at the features and benefits of each and where you might use them!

What is EnvisionVR?

First up, let’s refresh on what EnvisionVR offers. We are in the business of allowing you to visualise unbuilt property. Meaning there are no photos taken because the apartment, house or unit hasn’t been built yet! Instead, the space is modelled by a 3D artist to give an accurate representation of what the space will look like when completed. Think of the life-like quality of a CGI image but in 3D!

We believe that navigating this future space should be a similar to walking through an open home as possible. For that reason, we have combined the latest VR and AR technology with our platform that allows you to explore every inch in 1:1 scale using a mobile phone, tablet or VR headset. There is no restriction to certain hotspots on the floor, you can move anywhere, allowing you to feel the size, layout and flow of the future space.

Who uses EnvisionVR?

The people that benefit most from our platform are sales agents, project marketers, developers and home builders selling off-the-plan. Typical visualisation of these projects includes renders and 2D floor plans and for most buyers, it is difficult to imagine what the future space will look like. As we move further into the digital age there is an increased expectation from buyers for more immersive and life-like experiences. Just as people are able to explore built property as virtual tours, there is demand to provide this for unbuilt spaces.  

The EnvisionVR platform achieves this in two ways. Firstly, with Virtual Experiences, which allow users to explore future spaces on any mobile device as well as the web. Sales agents are able to guide potential buyers through the space or let them take it home on their own devices to continue to explore in their own time. Secondly, with Interactive Display which provides sales agents with an all-in-one sales tool, housing all digital marketing assets for a project. This allows them take their showrooms virtual and connect with buyers across time zones and borders.

What is Matterport?  

For visualizing already-built spaces, Matterport is one of the most popular solutions on the market. It utilizes 360 images captured within the home, apartment or unit to create 360 tours that can be hosted on the web. Users navigate by clicking on hotspots on the ground and rotating to get an understanding of the space.

Who uses Matterport?

The types of people that benefit most from Matterport tours are those wishing to show off an existing space. This can be real estate agents selling a property and using the tour as part of the marketing material, or home builders showcasing previous work by allowing their clients to tour their catalogue of designs. They can also be used in the travel industry by showing off accommodation options.  

Which one should you use for your business?

When trying to decide what’s best for your business, it depends on what you are wanting to visualise. If you are showcasing or selling a future space, EnvisionVR allows you to do just that. If you are wanting to showcase an existing space, Matterport is your answer. The two can also work hand in hand with Matterport tours hosted on the EnvisionVR platform so you can showcase not only your future projects, but your completed projects.

Virtual property experiences are one of the most exciting developments in the property market, revolutionising how we browse, buy and sell. These experiences provide an unprecedented level of clarity and accuracy to property listings; whether those properties are built or unbuilt. Furthermore, buyers now have the opportunity to visit multiple properties at the same time from the comfort of their own home.  

EnvisionVR is changing the way unbuilt property is experienced, just as Matterport revolutionized 360 tours of built property. There’s no doubt about it, virtual experiences are the way of the future and are upping the game for both buyers and sellers alike.