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June 1, 2023

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Every year, $2.2 billion is wasted in the Australian off-the-plan property market waiting for developments to sell. Costing developers on average $16,000 per day on a typical $100 million project. To excel in the competitive Australian off-the-plan market, developers and project marketers must prioritize standing out and crafting a world-class sales experience for buyers. The problem with today’s marketing solutions is there is a lack of emphasis on the buyer’s needs and differentiating in a way that makes a lasting impression.  

A mobile, all-in-one solution that has captured the attention of some of Australia’s top developers, marketing agents and home builders such as Top Spring, Sekisui House, Thirdi, Montgomery Homes and AV Jennings addresses the need to focus on experiences that both wow buyers and drive off-the-plan sales. The cutting-edge, immersive platform offers an innovative digital sales and marketing platform that supports both in-person showroom experiences and virtual presentations.

EnvisionVR strives to make the off-the-plan purchaser’s journey as seamless as possible. By working collaboratively with project marketers, their developer and CGI partner they can create a truly unique experience that blows purchasers’ minds.

“The EnvisionVR platform was founded in response to the universal problem of faced by buyers – visualising spaces that don’t yet exist. Whilst there are some solutions out there including CGI renders, 3D models and video flythroughs, nothing on the market truly mimicked the experience of walking through, exploring and emotionally connecting with a space.” – Michael Shaw Founder and CEO

The importance of creating engaging experiences for potential property buyers cannot be overstated, as it significantly impacts the sales cycle. Properties that lack virtual tours typically experience a 20% slower sales cycle compared to those that incorporate these experiences. However, the challenge with virtual tours of unbuilt property is that they can be costly to create and often result in a subpar user experience.

EnvisionVR’s Virtual Experiences are truly revolutionary, allowing purchasers to wander freely through their future home in 1:1 scale without restricting them to a series of single 360 degrees image spots, creating strong emotional engagement. Their mobile-accessible platform is changing the industry standards when it comes to how virtual reality can be experienced. No longer do we need to be connected to a custom high-powered computer and only experience from a single location, project marketers and buyers are available to experience it all through their phone, tablet, VR headset or computer.

“It just makes it so easy for a potential purchaser to visualise their dream home or investment, in a matter of seconds.” Ray White Projects Business Development Executive, Davina Poletto  

“We’ve always got to stay at the forefront of technology and client service” added Ray White Projects Director, Eddie Mansour.

Ray White Projects recently partnered with EnvisionVR with the launch of AYA Penthouse, Bondi Beach which saw EnvisionVR collaborate with world-renowned architect Koichi Takada and CGI partner ThroughSpace to bring the stunning full-floor residence to life. Virtual Apartment Guided Viewings allow the Ray White Projects team to guide potential purchasers through the residence as though it was already built no matter where they’re located in the world. This revolutionary new sales experience enables sales teams to service enquiries whether they are an offshore investor, interstate or local buyers and provide the same experience as if the agent was talking to them in person.

By offering innovative features such as showcasing actual view lines from properties, providing various colour scheme selections, and presenting appliance upgrade options in a single experience, EnvisionVR enhances the overall off-the-plan customer journey and is changing the expectations of purchasers.

When Virtual Experiences are combined with EnvisionVR’s Interactive Display they create the ultimate all-in-one mobile sales platform which allows project marketers to present and showcase a full project anywhere, anytime. Housing all the project digital marketing assets, floor plans, floorplates, images, brochures and video, Interactive Display puts a showroom presentation into the palm of their hands. With the addition of stock control, CRM integration and experiences analytics, all of this allows project marketers the ability to keep their finger on the pulse so they can pivot their marketing as they see data trends appear.

We started working with EnvisionVR to improve our sales and customer experience. The team and the tech amaze us, especially the pace at which they innovate and improve their service offerings.” – AV Jennings Creative Director, Vinay Raya

The company doesn’t see its platform as a replacement for the physical showroom, but as a complement, that integrates seamlessly into existing sales flows and allows all the agents’ sales tools to be at their fingertips. The upside of integrating their platform into your showroom is that you can get to market quickly while your showroom is being constructed. Don’t waste time waiting.

Unlike other sales and marketing platform businesses, EnvisionVR seeks to partner with developers existing CGI studios who create their marketing renders to develop life-like mobile VR and AR experiences. This ensures that the end product reflects the same quality and details that are presented in the project’s marketing material for a seamless and consistent vision.  

EnvisionVR’s unique approach sets them apart from the competition, providing potential buyers with a superior experience that fully immerses them in the property and enables informed decision-making. This increased engagement and superior sales experience allows developers to stand out in a crowded market and drive sales for their project. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a focus on high-quality, realistic virtual experiences, EnvisionVR empowers developers to connect with buyers in a way that is both compelling and effective. Ultimately, this approach benefits both developers and buyers, delivering a more efficient, streamlined sales process that leads to better outcomes for all parties involved.