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Elevating Hotspot Tours to Immersive Virtual Experiences: A Guide for CGI Professionals

November 29, 2023

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In the world of artist impression images and virtual property showcases, the evolution from traditional hotspot (point-to-point) tours to fully immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences is not just innovative—it’s transformative. For CGI professionals looking to make this leap, there are key steps to enhance your presentations and offer a truly engaging experience for clients. Here’s how you can take your hotspot tours to the next level with EnvisionVR.

1. Complete Your Modelling Work:

Before diving into VR/AR, it’s crucial to ensure your model is comprehensive. This means completing any sections not captured in your existing 360 hotspot tour, including exteriors if they are a part of the client’s project. Remember, in a VR/AR environment, every detail counts and contributes to the overall experience.

2. Manage Accessibility:

In a virtual space, controlling the viewer’s journey is vital. An effective way to do this is by closing doors to rooms or areas you don’t want the client to access. This not only guides the experience but also helps in focusing attention on the key areas of your showcase.

3. Upgrade to 360 Spheres:

Transform your environment panoramas into 360 spheres, or better yet, replace them with a 360 sphere/HDRI file. This upgrade is crucial in creating a more lifelike and engaging backdrop, ensuring a seamless and realistic immersion in the virtual space.

4. Fine-Tune the Lighting:

Lighting can make or break a virtual experience. With EnvisionVR’s plugin, you have the ability to fine-tune the lighting to your liking. Use global illumination instead of relying on individual camera exposure settings to achieve a consistent and realistic lighting environment throughout your model.

5. Submit Your Files:

Once your model is perfected, provide EnvisionVR with the latest archived 3Ds Max file along with the link to the corresponding review renders generated from the EnvisionVR Plugin. This step ensures that the final product aligns with your vision and meets the high standards of virtual experience.

Transitioning to VR/AR:

These key differences between a hotspot tour and a virtual experience are essential in elevating your CGI work. With VR/AR, you’re not just showcasing a property; you’re creating an environment for clients to explore, interact with, and feel. It’s about moving from a static display to a dynamic, interactive journey.

Incorporating these elements will set your work apart in the rapidly evolving world of real estate marketing. The future is immersive, and with EnvisionVR, CGI professionals are at the forefront of this exciting transformation.