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Challenging the status quo

June 13, 2023

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The status quo for visualising unbuilt real estate projects typically involves static images, floor plans, brochures, face to face meetings and physical display homes or display suites. This leaves buyers struggling to truly envision the final outcome and project marketers, developers, homebuilders and architects having difficulty standing out in a crowded market. EnvisionVR is here to shake things up and with a commitment to providing unparalleled immersive experiences, challenges the status quo, redefining how unbuilt projects are presented, marketed, and experienced.

EnvisionVR’s flagship product, Photorealistic Virtual Experiences, transports viewers into meticulously crafted virtual spaces that mirror the final outcome with astonishing realism. With a level of detail and scale that feels as though the project has already materialised, these experiences empower buyers to make informed decisions by providing a compelling preview of what’s to come. “It just makes it so easy for a potential purchaser to visualise their dream home or investment, in a matter of seconds.” Davina Poletto – Ray White Projects

What truly sets EnvisionVR apart is its commitment to accessibility. Previous immersive solutions have failed to disrupt the industry due to their inability to integrate with current sales processes. By developing the highest-quality mobile VR solution on the market, EnvisionVR eliminates the need for expensive, high-powered computers, allowing users to explore virtual spaces in 1:1 scale through everyday devices such as mobile phones, tablets, or web browsers.  

Let’s look at a few examples of how EnvisionVR is impacting the following industries.  

Off-the-plan apartment sales

EnvisionVR’s Virtual Experiences and Interactive Display are revolutionising off-the-plan apartment sales, empowering agents and developers to surpass their competition and achieve remarkable results. By leveraging EnvisionVR’s cutting-edge solutions, they can enhance the sales process, increase off-the-plan sales, reduce time to market, and effectively reach buyers from different regions.

The introduction of Virtual Experiences has transformed the way buyers engage with off-the-plan properties. With EnvisionVR, buyers can now step into their future home or investment, complete with stunning views, even before construction has begun. This immersive experience allows them to envision themselves in the space, forging a stronger emotional connection and solidifying their buying decisions. Furthermore, these experiences can be presented remotely, enabling agents to connect with buyers anywhere in the world. This eliminates geographical barriers and expands the potential buyer pool, unlocking new opportunities for agents and developers.

In addition to Virtual Experiences, EnvisionVR’s all-in-one sales tool, Interactive Display, further enhances the selling process. Whether integrated into a showroom or used as a standalone tool, Interactive Display offers a comprehensive suite of features to showcase the property’s design, floor plans, and more. This versatile tool empowers agents to get to market faster, as they can start selling before the completion of the physical showroom.  

EnvisionVR’s solutions enable agents and developers to break free from the limitations of traditional marketing methods and leverage the power of immersive technology. By embracing Virtual Experiences and Interactive Display, agents can create memorable experiences, expedite the sales process, and gain a competitive edge in the market.  

Volume Home Builders

EnvisionVR’s impact extends beyond real estate developers and project marketing agents, making a significant difference for volume home builders as well. These builders can now showcase their extensive catalogs at a fraction of the cost of building a display home.

Jamie Montgomery, Managing Director of Montgomery Homes, a leading volume home builder in Australia, highlights the challenge they faced in showcasing their wide range of over 250 designs with only 28 physical display homes available. “It can be difficult for customers to visualise their potential new home,” says Montgomery. However, by leveraging EnvisionVR’s Virtual Homes, Montgomery Homes has overcome this hurdle. They now offer customers an immersive experience that eliminates the barrier of limited physical display homes, enabling buyers to make more informed decisions.

Moreover, the virtual solution provided by EnvisionVR allows home builders to showcase different upgrades and appliance pack options, further enhancing the buyer’s experience. With the flexibility of accessing Virtual Homes anytime, anywhere, customers have the convenience to explore and envision their dream home on their own terms.

EnvisionVR’s transformative technology empowers volume home builders to provide a cost-effective, interactive, and accessible way for customers to explore their offerings. By revolutionising the traditional approach to showcasing homes, EnvisionVR is redefining the sales experience for volume home builders and their customers alike.

Architecture and Building Design

Architects and building designers are also finding new avenues for client communication with EnvisionVR’s Wireframes. Architects like Heath Moloney, based in Perth, are embracing immersive visualisation to enhance the customer journey. Moloney shares the benefits of incorporating EnvisionVR’s platform, stating, “Now, with EnvisionVR’s platform, we are easily able to offer our clients an immersive tour of our design vision. They can explore every corner of the home from their own perspective, giving them total confidence in us and in their future home.”

The incorporation of immersive technology allows architects and their clients to meet in the virtual space. By immersing clients in the virtual experience, architects can communicate their design vision more effectively, and clients can visualise and interact with the proposed space in a realistic manner.

Unlike previous solutions that required high-powered computers, EnvisionVR’s platform is accessible on consumer mobile devices, providing architects and building designers with the flexibility to share designs with clients to explore at their own convenience. This empowers clients to continue engaging with the designs beyond the initial meeting, further fostering their understanding and connection to the project.

EnvisionVR’s accessible and immersive platform revolutionises the way architects and building designers engage with clients, opening new possibilities for collaboration, design understanding, and confident decision-making.

Architectural Visualisation (CGI)

Furthermore, EnvisionVR has revolutionised the capabilities of CGI studios worldwide, empowering them to seamlessly offer state-of-the-art AR/VR solutions to their clients. In the current industry landscape, CGI studios often face the daunting task of acquiring specialised modelling skills and software programs, along with the need to develop their own software solutions to provide immersive experiences. This process can be both cost-prohibitive and unfeasible for smaller studios.

EnvisionVR’s unique workflow addresses these challenges by allowing CGI studios to continue modelling in their existing software. This means they can leverage their current tools and expertise while gaining enhanced utility from the assets they produce. By incorporating EnvisionVR into their workflow, CGI studios can expand their service offerings without the hassle of learning new modelling skills or developing proprietary software. This innovative approach enables CGI studios of all sizes to unlock the power of immersive technology and deliver compelling AR/VR experiences to their clients.

In the following articles, we will dive deeper into EnvisionVR’s groundbreaking solutions and how they are challenging the status quo. Join us on this journey as we uncover the unparalleled possibilities that EnvisionVR presents and witness how they are reshaping the landscape of virtual reality in real estate.