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Enviz | Bertrand Benoit - A new frontier for CGI creations.

May 2, 2024

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It is the closest thing to being able to experience your design in the real world.
Bertrand Benoit

The world of CGI artistry is constantly pushing boundaries, crafting hyper-realistic visuals that blur the line between imagination and reality. But what if you could step inside those captivating renders? Now you can, thanks to Enviz – a powerful new frontier where CGI creations come alive in immersive and interactive mobile AR/VR experiences.

Recently, we had the privilege of collaborating with the highly respected CGI artist, Bertrand Benoit, to showcase the transformative potential of this technology.

Bertrand's Garden Loft project, marked by its meticulous detail and evocative lighting, served as the perfect canvas for this exploration. His expertise in these areas truly shone through, making the project a resounding success.

Enviz | Bertrand Benoit - Garden Loft Window

One of the most striking aspects of Bertrand's work is his mastery of lighting. Unlike many projects that rely on bright, sterile illumination, Garden Loft embraces a softer, more ambient mood. This subtle yet impactful detail translated beautifully into VR, drastically elevating the immersive atmosphere of the space.  

The inclusion of worn textures throughout the scene also helped enhance the final experience, adding a sense of lived-in character, making the space feel more authentic and offering a refreshing contrast to the often encountered "showroom-perfect" renders.

The construction of Bertrand’s initial 3ds max model was instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition to VR. The thoughtfully crafted 3D mesh, featuring clean quad topology, allowed for effortless processing within the Enviz platform. Even the materials, while slightly complex, were readily adaptable, preserving the overall aesthetic of the original render.

Enviz | Bertrand Benoit - Desk scene

While the project progressed smoothly, there were a few technical hurdles to overcome such as the trees and plants featured throughout the space. By working with closely with Bertrand and ultimately removing items such as V-Ray Fur we were able to maintain a balance of quality and performance for a mobile VR platform.

Bertrand's experience with Enviz is a testament to the platform's potential for CGI artists. He was particularly impressed by the speed and accuracy of the conversion process, highlighting how Enviz takes the heavy lifting out of VR development, allowing artists to focus on their core creative strengths.

More importantly, Bertrand emphasised the transformative power of VR for showcasing CGI work. Stepping inside a meticulously crafted space, rendered in stunning detail and realistic lighting, creates a "jaw-dropping experience," fostering a deeper emotional connection with the design than ever before.

Enviz | Bertrand Benoit - Lounge

The future of CGI and VR is undeniably intertwined. As VR technology continues to evolve, artists like Bertrand will have the tools to create even more immersive and interactive experiences. This opens exciting possibilities for the property visualisation space, allowing potential buyers to truly connect with a space before it's even built.

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Enviz is here to help you unlock the full potential of your CGI creations. Our user-friendly platform streamlines the process of transforming your stunning renders into captivating mobile AR/VR experiences.  Join us on this exciting journey and empower your clients to experience your vision in a whole new way.

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