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How to create Virtual Experiences,

EnvisionVR offers two products, the Interactive Display and Virtual Experiences.

The Interactive Display

The Interactive Display is a sales tool that houses all the digital assets that help with selling a project, including renders, 360 views, brochures, virtual experiences, floor plans and floor plates.  

With the integration of live stock management , agents will be kept up to date with the availability of residences within a project, reducing availability confusion.  

The Interactive Display is not just for the off-plan sales but for the entire life span of a project. With the support of Matterport tours, your client can sell their completed stock or show off fixtures and finishes.

Virtual Experiences

Our flagship product is the world’s first mobile virtual experience available on all devices. Your clients can take buyers through a 1:1 scale immersive walkthrough that takes all the guesswork out of understanding floor plans.

With our built-in microphone and experience controls in our Guided Walkthroughs, agents can guide purchasers through virtual residences, pointing out all the features without having to be in the same room, state or country.  

As part of this product, your client will be able to showcase your model in three ways.

  1. As a 1:1 Walkable tour
  2. A Clickable tour  
  3. Web hosted tour  

The 1:1 walkthrough is what I have just shown you and can be viewed on phones, tablets and headsets.  

The clickable tour is a more traditional way of viewing the residence, they can swipe and double tap anywhere to navigate through the property.  

The web hosted tour can be embedded on any website and is great for marketing and lead generation.

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