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Embedding Your Web App


What is an iFrame?

An iFrame, also knowns as Inline Frame, is an element that loads another HTML element inside of a web page. They are commonly used to embed specific content like external ads, videos, tags, or other interactive elements into the page.

How to use iFrames

EnvisionVR’s Web App can be embedded as an iFrame on your website to allow visitors to interact with your project. At the completion of your project, EnvisionVR will send you a snippet of code for your web developer to add to your website.

If you are managing your own website, look for an HTML block editor to add to the page and insert the snippet of code.

Example code: <iframe src=”″ allowfullscreen=”true” height=500 width=800 allow=”*” style=”border-radius: 24px; overflow: hidden”></iframe>

Adjusting your iFrame

To make changes to the height and width you can adjust the number after “height” and “width”.

EnvisionVR adds rounded corners to our iFrames, if you would like to remove this delete “style=”border-radius:24px”

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