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Drone Photography

How to create Virtual Experiences,

How to engage with a drone photographer to achieve the best exterior.

In order to achieve an accurate view in VR and AR, you will require a complete 360 image of the surrounding. The following points help to clarify with your drone photographer the exact requirements.  

Type of Image

A 360 image (a complete photosphere)  

Quality of Image

8k min (if possible).

If your photographer could provide a higher quality, this would be preferred.  

If your drone photographer cannot achieve this quality, you can reach out to EnvisionVR and we can help put you in contact with a contractor who can achieve this.  

Location of Image

Location is dependent on your project; however, we recommend the following:  


1.5m from the floor level  

Adjust according to the different levels if applicable  


1 from the central location of all main areas with a view line.  

For example, a home that has a front porch and a rear alfresco would hold 2 x 360 Spheres. 1 taken from the central point of the porch and 1 from the central point of the alfresco.  

See diagram a)  

Some drone photographers will need a site plan if properties are being developed. You may need to locate the exact location on the proposed site and nominate the heights these images will be taken from. (as per floor levels or RLs)

See diagram b)  

Time of Day

Typically drone photographers will aim for clear skies to ensure the best lighting and experience. However, please notify the drone photographer if you would prefer another option.  

The time of day is important, so the external photograph matches the lighting in the VR/AR experience. Provide your drone photographer with the exact time you would prefer they take their 360 images.  

Supporting Documentation Checklist

Use the following list to ensure you are providing adequate information to your photographer:  

  • Project location  
  • Architectural site plan – With locations identified if required  
  • Floor plans – With locations identified  
  • Architectural elevations – With RL’s  
  • Time of day  
Diagram a)
Diagram b)

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