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3ds Max Plugin

How to create Virtual Experiences,

What is it?

Before EnvisionVR commences the conversion process, we need the CGI Partner’s client to approve and sign off on the model. To make the approval process easier, we have developed a 3ds Max plugin. This free plugin allows our partners to quickly and easily create lots of 360 renders for their clients to review and approve. Once the CGI Partner’s client has approved the model using the 360, EnvisionVR will request the archived 3ds Max model with all the materials, textures and lighting so we can commence the conversion.

How do I use it?

  1. Download the plugin as part of our onboarding course or by clicking here.
  2. Create 360s of your scene to share the viewing link with your client to review. See the video here.
  3. Once the project is signed off and completed, send the link along with the location of your archived scene to EnvisionVR

Why is it important?

There are two main reasons why the plugin is an important tool.

  1. To ensure everything has been modeled correctly and signed off by the client before sending it to EnvisionVR for conversion. Changes made to the model after conversion will incur a cost.
  2. For EnvisionVR to reference during our conversion process to ensure the Virtual Experience matches the 360 renders that were approved.

Common problems if the plugin is not used

  • Inability to crosscheck a 3ds Max scene to ensure lighting is okay and no items were lost during the archiving process.
  • After conversion, needing to re-do lighting because the CGI Partner has not lit their scene correctly.
  • Client confusion/misunderstandings and as a result needing to re-do conversions because the CGI partner’s client did not have the chance to properly review the entire space before experiencing as a Virtual Experience.

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